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prada outlet The police organization to elected President Donald trump. But their wish list of the top is not proposed legislation or policy, and they want to claim to be "law and order" candidates can create a new era of respect and support the enforcement of the law.
"The first thing to do, trump has done very well, is to use the bully pulpit to improve the feeling of the police," James said pascoe lodges, executive director of the national police.
Under the Obama administration, law enforcement leaders said their officials feel unfair described as a villain in the policing reform and sports has become the target of hostility.
Said: "we welcome a reset button, Ron Hosko enforcement legal defense fund chairman, former fbi director assistant.
Law enforcement now use deadly force against civilians,prada replica tend to have a rush to judgment of his actions, accused officials in all known is the fact that, even national sheriff association President Greg champagne said.
"The criminal justice system is not an instantaneous process. Need time to work," he said. "We asked not condemned."
Champagne, hope in the government trump Mr There will be a stronger support for law enforcement and recognized the difficult decision of officials and representatives must do every day.
"We have to reshape the conversation,prada bags sale the support of a law enforcement officers," said Mr Champagne. "We must try to reverse some hostile to law enforcement personnel are allowed to creep over the last few years."
Trump's nomination, senator Jeff Sessions in Alabama attorney general has been considered in law enforcement. Bill Johnson, the police organization, the executive director of the association, said his team will seek powerful Allies in the department of justice.
"Who is in charge of department of civil rights, they must closely relationship and trust with police and institutions," he said. "The Obama administration has failed in this area."
Pascoe said Mr FOP has preliminary oral trump transition team, want to sit down and fulfilling priorities in the next few weeks.
"I won't put President a laundry list of legislation or position," he said. "But we want to see greater levels of the federal participating underwriting police cost in state and local level."
In addition to alleviate police believe hostile rhetoric,prada handbags encourage more than the government support change what department,prada bags outlet let them better armed, expand training, increase the punishment that attack the police.
Sector recovery program, one of the topic of discussion, allowing them to visit the department of defense surplus of military equipment.
The Obama administration last year to reduce 1033 projects in fear that local police get device unnecessary military and civil rights advocates point out that their department - a typical example of the police to answer the following protests and riots in Sir Alex ferguson, Missouri.
In the limitation of the Obama administration, such as grenade launchers, bayonets and armored tracked vehicle was forbidden to transfer to the police department. And other equipment,prada bags cheap such as battering RAMS riot helmets, shields, and are still available under the plan, but need more reasons to get (obtain) them.
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After a series of recent attacks by militants armed with high-powered rifles, including terrorist attacks in the SAN bernardino, California, in Orlando shooting clubs and snipers shot five Dallas police law enforcement is a wake-up call, they need to military equipment can in this case the response.
"This type of equipment is not offensive, it is defensive in nature," says Mr Champagne, he thinks the 1033 limit could quickly turn the strong common administrative commands. "Let our devices, or it will rust heap somewhere."
Increasing targeted attack law enforcement also fear that groups advocating increased punish harm or kill.
The police association also urged trump support legislation at the national level, make the police murder or attempted murder of a federal crime.
"In some ways it will send a strong message, the President said the justice department is different, they support the law enforcement men and women," Johnson said. "Given the current climate and implicit support these violent protest against the government, it will be a powerful change."
Increased federal prosecutors would bring equation of state or local law resources, he said.
President barack Obama has sought to improve relations with the police in the later part of the term. Comprehensive working group in the report, released in 2015 by law enforcement attaches great importance to the public security in the 21st century, they think it provides a good road map in order to improve the police and community relations and the efforts to reduce crime and establish public trust.
Summit at the White House in the summer also recruited more than 300 law enforcement representatives from all over the country, to discuss the best practice of community policing, and provide a BBS institutions sharing method implementation working group proposal.
Hosko trump Mr Hope to find a way to continue dialogue with law enforcement agencies on a regular basis to understand the problems they faced.
If want to keep some trump the Obama administration's police reform work,prada bags replica Mr Hosko advice he can support efforts to improve law enforcement personnel recruitment and training.prada replica Investment in crisis response training, for example, prepare to handle situation involving mental patients better police, he said.
"To some options other than the police pulled out a gun," says Mr Hosko. "It requires an investment and put them in the classroom."
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