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Spinnaker Add-ins Newsletter 

2014 September Edition

Click here to Spinnaker Alerts version 2.71

Release of Spinnaker Alerts version 2.71 We have just released Spinnaker Alerts version 2.71 that has the following new features:

1. We have added the capability for dynamic alert names. When you (re)name an alert, you can now make the name be a cell reference in your worksheet instead of manually entering each alert name in the edit alerts dialog. The advantages of this are that new alerts can automatically get a custom alert name. You can even change the alert name by simply changing the cell that has the name in it. If you use a default profile to create new alerts, the new alerts will have names based on the cell reference, not just "new alert 2", etc.

2. We added a warning for when you use a query update to trigger alerts. The refresh interval of a query is usually set to only once every minute, or even a few minutes, so you may have to wait for the alerts to go off.

3a. When you select a sound, the program will first show all the sound files in the windows system media directory, but if you choose a different directory and select a file there once, that path will be recorded in the active workbook. From then on, Alerts will "know" where the soundfiles for the active workbook are stored.

3b. When you record a sound the program will set the save directory to the windows system media or the path you chose a sound file from the last time. This way your custom sound files are easily accessible for later retrieval.

4. When you start a new file with alerts, the default is now that alerts go off at the first change in the sheet. If this causes problems you can uncheck the "Run on First Change" box in the edit alert options dialog.

5. We fixed a bug: When you want to change the alert range to a different sheet, it wouldn't take the different sheet. This version fixes that problem.



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