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My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

version 1.5

Spinnaker Extracts utilizes the Excel Find feature to "extract" ("copy") records from multiple sheets of multiple workbooks to a workbook of your choice based on one search criterion, and allows easy editing of the source data, particularly useful when you have long lists and databases. Price: $30.00
The Spinnaker Icon will be found on the Standard Toolbar, and will launch Spinnaker Extracts when clicked.
ExtractsDialogIcon.gif (933 bytes) 

This Icon activates the Extracts Dialog below.

Sample Sheet
Click anywhere on the dialog to read about the function of the controls:

ExtractDialog.gif (7878 bytes)

Search for:

In this box you enter any string you want to find across one or multiple sheets. (back to dialog)

Clear After Search

This check box will clear the ‘Search for’ box after every time you activate the search button. (back to dialog)

In Workbooks:

Here you choose the workbooks in which to search for your string. (back to dialog)

Search in:

In this listbox you select the sheets in which you want to search for the string. (back to dialog)

Copy to:

In this combobox you select either the workbook you want to copy the results to or a new workbook will be opened to copy the results to. (back to dialog)

Clear Previous Search

In this groupbox you can elect to either clear the previous results, or add to the previous results. (back to dialog)


In this group box you can choose to either activate autofilter afterwards or not activate autofilter afterwards. (back to dialog)

Edit Source

When you select this option (the default) Extracts will add comments to column A in every row, which will track the workbook, sheet and row where a result came from

If you just want to have the results of the search, you can deselect this option which will result in a sheet that does not have location comments in every cell of column A. (back to dialog)

Extracts Results:

This list box is linked to the output sheet and provides additional functionality if you checked ‘Edit Source’ before executing a search.

When you click on a result row once, the original location of that row in the set of workbook and worksheets you selected will be displayed above the list box.

When you double-click on a row displayed in the list box, Extracts will hide the dialog, activate the workbook, sheet, and row where that row came from, providing you with an easy way to edit the data displayed in the clicked row at its original location. When you re-activate the dialog after an edit, the results and search setup will still be available for more changes or searches. (back to dialog)


The "Search" button allows you to execute the search/copy procedure. During the search the add-in displays the progress of the search in the caption of the dialog. This is helpful particularly when you search many large workbooks and the add-in finds a lot of results. The speed of this add-in is not really influenced a lot by the number of workbooks and worksheets, but every found result takes time because the row has to be copied to the workbook that contains the results. (back to dialog)


The "Close" button allows you to close the dialog. All entries will remain for the next time you want to search. (back to dialog)


The ‘Zoom’ button will stepwise adjust the size of the dialog to the maximum screen resolution which will allow you to see as much data at the same time as possible given your screen resolution. The default is about 640X480. (back to dialog)


This button will Reset all entries in the dialog to the defaults. (back to dialog)


The "Help" button activates the dialog page of the help file. (back to dialog)

Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com