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My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

version 1.51

Spinnaker Functions features an optional set of D-functions (i.e. DSUM, DGET, DCOUNT, DMIN, DMAX, DAVERAGE, etc.). The big difference between these functions and the Excel functions is that they allow you to specify the criteria in the function instead of an external range. Spinnaker Functions also provides 4 extra logical functions and 4 check digit functions. Price: $30.00
SpinnakerFunctionsIcon.gif (879 bytes) Spinnaker Functions features an optional set of D-functions, 4 additional Logical functions, and 4 check digit functions. We developed this toolbar SpinnakerFunctionsToolbar.gif (1145 bytes), which features a Spinnaker Function wizard-button that starts the function wizard in our custom category, a help-button to read about how to use Spinnaker Functions and a Quit-button to hide the toolbar. Clicking on the Spinnaker-button will re-display the toolbar.

The new D-functions can be copied to anywhere in the spreadsheet and the criteria will change accordingly. The difference between these functions and the Excel functions is that they allow you to specify the criteria in the function instead of an external range. (See the Sample Sheet below). They also allow you to use parentheses in the criteria, which is not possible using Excel functions.

You can specify up to 4 criteria used in any "and/or" combination.

Sample Sheet

Note the entry in cell "A13" where you see the "&" sign. This cell refers to the entry in cell "G2". However, if you would copy the formula down, or anywhere else, the reference would no longer be "G2" but "G3" or anywhere else in relationship to the formula. You can reference any cell in the sheet.  This is not the case with standard Excel functions.

SpinnakerFunctionsSample.gif (18942 bytes)

Functions contains 4 check digit functions.

AddUPCCheckdigit will add the checkdigit to 11 character UPC codes. CheckCreditCardNo will perform a check on a credit card number by determining whether the last digit is correct as a result of the previous 15 characters. AddCreditCardCheckdigit will add the check digit if you accidentally pasted the number in a workbook without changing the cell format first. Note: this doesn't mean that the account exists, but it means that it can be a valid credit card. AddLeadingZeroToExpirationDate adds the leading zero if you entered expiration dates in number formatted cells. We think that if you work with inventory and process credit cards, these functions can be very helpful. If you have suggestions for more functions be it variations on existing ones or new check digit type functions, please let us know

Functions adds 4 logical functions to Excel. At this time we offer SpinIfTrue, SpinIfFalse, SpinAnd, and SpinOr.

SpinIfTrue looks at a sequence of statements that all have a different value if true, The function will display the value associated with the first true statement. Formula Example: =SpinIfTrue(B1=1,"arg1 true",C1=2,C3,D1=3,"arg3 true",E1=4,"arg4 true",F1=5,"arg5 true",G1=6,"arg6 true",H1=7,"arg7 true",I1=8,"arg8 true",J1=9,"arg9 true",K1=10,"arg10 true","real false"). The Arguments of this function are entered as: statement, value, statement, value, ...... etc. The last entry will be the value if every statement is false. Note that this function takes 14 "If" statements, if you nest this function 8 times, you have 112 "Ifs". You are no longer limited to the 8 nested ifs that are standard in Excel.

SpinIfFalse obviously does the opposite. The add-in comes with a file that has an example of the use of each function.

SpinAnd works like the AND function, but allows you to specify other values than TRUE or FALSE.

SpinOr works like the Or function, but allows you to specify other values that TRUE or FALSE.

Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com