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version 1.02
Spinnaker Image Wizard provides a fast and easy way to add images to your database or spreadsheet and remove them again just as quickly. An auto image tool inserts an image over every cell you click on. 
The Spinnaker Icon will be found on the Standard Toolbar, and will launch Spinnaker Image Wizard when clicked.
When you click on the "Add/Delete Image" icon, the "Add/Delete Images" dialog will be activated which will allow you to set the defaults for your workbook, add images to your workbook, and delete images from your workbook with only a few mouse clicks.
The "Enable Auto Image" button will activate a procedure that will insert an image, as last specified in the Add/Delete Images Dialog in your workbook in every cell you click on, provided that the text contains a valid image file name.
To "Disable Auto Image" you click on this button, which is displayed after you clicked on "Enable Auto Image".

Add/Delete Images Dialog


Reference Cells for the Image Name:

The contents of the cells specified in this box will be the file names of the images without extension (.bmp, jpg, gif, wmf). (back to dialog)

Insert Images

In this text box you enter the offset (distance) between the cell in the selection, and the cell where the image will be inserted. (back to dialog)

To the Right, to the Left, Above, Below

Depending on where your selection is in the workbook, you can insert the images in different directions. If your selection is in column A, you can of course not insert the images to the left. (back to dialog)

Adjust Image to Cell Size

By default the images will be adjusted to the cell size, but you can deselect this option to keep the inserted images in the original size. The ratio height/width will remain the same. (back to dialog)


This will insert the images. based on the selection in the range box and the rest of the dialog. (back to dialog)


This will remove the images based on the selection in the range box. (back to dialog)


This will close the dialog. (back to dialog)

Image Path

This button will allow you to select a new image path. When you hover over the button with the mouse, the current path will be visible as a tag. When you insert images, the first level of subdirectories will also be searched. For example: when you search in "My Pictures", and you have a subdirectory named "My Special Pictures", the add-in will search that directory too. (back to dialog)

Image Ext.

If you enter an extension here, only files of that extension will be used. If you donít enter an extension, files will be searched in the order .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .wmf until the image is found. (back to dialog)


Activates this page of the help file. (back to dialog)

Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com