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My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

version 1.02
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The Spinnaker Subtotals add-in was developed by Spinnaker Software Solutions to facilitate the use of List/Query/OLAP data. This add-in provides all the functionality of the Microsoft Excel Subtotal tool and also provides the following additional features:
  • When you select only one cell, the add-in will expand the selection until two consecutive empty rows are found both above and below the selection. Empty rows will be removed; their locations will be stored. If more than one cell is selected the add-in will work with only the selected cells.
  • Subtotaled areas are automatically underlined.
  • An empty row is inserted under each subtotal.
  • The subtotals can be sorted.
  • The add-in stores the most recently applied subtotals in the active worksheet for later use. This means that even after you save/close the workbook those settings will be recognized when you re-open the workbook.

We are interested in suggestions regarding improvements to this product. Please feel free to drop us an E-mail at getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com to make your suggestions.

This Icon activates the add-in and displays the Spinnaker Subtotals Toolbar. It will typically be found on the standard toolbar between the "undo" and "redo" buttons.
This Icon activates the Spinnaker Subtotals Dialog which allows you to specify and apply subtotals.
Spinnaker Subtotals Dialog

Before you activate the dialog, you have to make sure that the list/database is sorted by the column for which you want to calculate subtotals. For example, to summarize the units sold by each salesperson in a list of salespeople, sales amounts, and the number of units sold, sort the list by the salesperson column. (back to dialog)

Click a cell in the list or select the range that you want to apply subtotals to; then click on the "Apply Subtotals" icon. (back to dialog)

In the "At each change in" box, click the column that contains the groups for which you want subtotals. This should be the same column by which the data was sorted before you clicked on the "Apply Subtotals" icon. (back to dialog)

In the "Use function" box, click the function you want to use to calculate the subtotals. (back to dialog)

In the "Add subtotal to" box, select the check boxes for the columns that contain the values for which you want subtotals. (back to dialog)

If you want to create "nested", or multiple-level, subtotals, you should clear the "Replace current subtotals" check box (We advise you to read in the Excel Help files about how you apply "nested," or multiple-level subtotals). (back to dialog)

If you want to, you can insert page breaks between each group. This simplifies the printing of just one group. (back to dialog)

By default, Subtotals will be placed below the data ("Summaries below data"). Subtotals can optionally be positioned above the group. With the Spinnaker version however, you won't be able to create "nested," or multiple-level, subtotals this way. (back to dialog)

The "Sort subgroups by" box allows you to choose a column to sort the subgroups. For example: if you chose "salesperson" as the "On each change in" column, you could choose to sort individual sales by amount. (back to dialog)

When you click on "Ascending" or "Descending", the sort will be performed accordingly on the selected field. (back to dialog)

If you chose to sort the subgroups, you can also choose to limit your output (i.e. display only the highest 10 sales of each group). You can do this by checking the "Limit Output" box and specifying the number of lines you want to display. If you later decide to display more output, you will have to refresh your data, or re-open your workbook because the add-in will delete the excess data from the active sheet. (back to dialog)

When you click on the "OK" button, the subtotals will be generated, if specified the sort will be performed, the output will be limited, and empty rows and underline will be inserted for each group in the selection. (back to dialog)

When you click on the "Remove all" button, all the subtotals will be removed including underline and empty rows. (back to dialog)

When you click on the "Cancel" button, the dialog closes without changes. (back to dialog)

When you click on the "Help" button, you will be presented with this help screen. (back to dialog)

Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com