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Why do you need a Custom Excel Add-in?
The Order Process
Making a Custom Payment
Things We've Done
Customer Reviews

Why do you need a Custom Excel Add-in?

  • Our Custom add-ins let you do things in Excel that you would otherwise only dream of ....
    • you could create a product catalog with pictures inserted next to their SKU numbers with a single mouse click.
    • you could track the position and calculate the speed of a vehicle based only on satellite coordinates.
    • with a single mouse click you could graphically display the hardware attached to a telephone pole based on the data collected about it. 
    • you could be alerted to critical events even while away from your desk.
    • you could use your imagination....
  • Custom add-ins save time and increase productivity.
    • fill out custom electronic forms in Excel and E-mail them off to the intended recipient with a single mouse click.
    • generate 200 reports in one minute, and have Excel send them as E-mail to your distribution list while you sleep.
    • assign 120 course participants to 10 sessions in 8 time slots in under 1 minute.
  • Custom add-ins do exactly what you need done.
    • pull data from a web page and transform it into a database ready for a mail merge in only two mouse clicks.
    • Search multiple workbooks/sheets for a text string and copy the entire row to a new sheet, then edit the originals from those results.
  • Custom add-ins are now affordable.
    • you don't have to pay a small fortune; prices can start as low as $200.00. (back to top)

Things We've Done

In response to requests by customers, we have enjoyed doing research in the following areas/products:

We have used Custom Programming requests to simplify Excel functionality through automation. We have automated: data entry, E-mail, Outlook, report writing, templates, forms (digital), data analysis, pop-up messaging, paging, critical event logs, order forms, group, outline, page breaks, input verification, advanced user forms, custom dialogs, color coding errors instead of message boxes, range/region selection buttons, array management, relative references, hyperlinks, help files etc.

We really enjoy developing new ideas. If you have a new idea, or would like to expand on our existing knowledge, we encourage you to contact us. (back to top)


Customer Reviews:

Panasonic needed a customized version of the Excel "Subtotals"  capabilities to facilitate their sales reporting process. Their "OLAP"  queries can now easily be transformed into report pages utilizing the subtotals add-in we developed. The first response after testing this add-in was a request for additional features.


WebTrend_logo.jpg (11364 bytes)

Webtrend Direct is a company that serves as a sales and distribution center for the products of client manufacturers. Webtrend Direct contacted us in August 1999 to develop an Excel order form add-in for a new customer. One of their requirements was a reliable order entry tool to be used by their sales force. Time as well as accuracy was of the essence.


Thank you for providing for us a custom drop-in that we at Webtrend needed to satisfy a new customer's requirements to do business with us.  It has worked flawlessly and has provided all the functionality we required and then some.  I especially like the close contact with your development team and the attention to detail and adjustments you gave us.  We will definitely be back for more as the need arises.

Keep up the great work! (back to top)


The Order Process

The order process is simple.  Using e-mail (you can also call us at 1-978-986-0538) you first explain to us what you need done. We evaluate your project for complexity and expected time required for completion and will contact you for clarification when necessary.  After completing the evaluation we then send you a quote. After you accept the quote and make a 40% down payment, we will develop your project.

We guarantee your add-in will be free from logical errors. We also guarantee your satisfaction before you make your final payment. 

We retain the rights to the code in any custom add-in and its further use.

Unless otherwise agreed upon a custom add-in is licensed for use on a single computer only.  

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Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com